We also do

Graphic Design Services

Brochure material, 3d views of buildings and interior spaces, walkthroughs

Vaastu Consultancy

Suggestions on vaastu compliant spaces

Concept Development

Development of conceptual master plans and building design for pre-perception of large projects.


Preliminary and detailed bills of quantities and cost estimates.

Cost & Feasibility Analysis

Preparation of detailed feasibility reports for projects.

Outsourcing services

Overseas tasks related to architectural drawings and design.

The services provided by AIDS are comprehensive and encapsulate the entire architectural activity. These include,

Evaluation of Prospective Spaces and Sites for Clients Projects
Presentation of design schemes for clients approval
Project cost estimates
Project optimization through material selection and scheduling
Structural Engineering work
Sanitary, Plumbing, Drainage, Water Supply & Sewerage work
Electrical, LAN and Telecommunication work
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning work (HVAC)
Obtaining clearances from respective authorities
Floating of tenders and appointment of contractors
Detailing of accessories and peripherals
Internal and External Landscape
Project Management

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